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An Afternoon in Austria: Ehrenberg Castle and Highline 179

So amidst all the holiday content I wanted to share some pictures from a day trip Rene and I took in September. We travelled down to Southern Germany near the beautiful castle Neuschwanstein for a little impromptu night away and, while there, realized that we were only 6 minutes away from Austria. This was crazy because we had been there two years earlier and had no idea we were SO close! We decided to wander into Austria for an afternoon of fun so we hopped in the car and started driving.

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3 Trendy Thanksgiving Outfits That Definitely Leave Room for Turkey

Can you believe it?? Just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving – the most delicious holiday of the year. (mmmm I can taste it now… pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes…. okay sorry not sorry guys, i’m drooling.)

I love getting dressed up for a nice meal with my family every year but one thing I have to always remind my self when getting dressed – LEAVE ROOM FOR TURKEY!

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Fall Photoshoot in Florida

While we don’t exactly have fall, we do still (kind of) have pumpkin patches and the desire to take adorable Fall Photoshoots! I see a lot of people dressing up in sweaters, going to the patch, and “pretending” it’s fall enough so they can get those sweet pictures in and that’s just not necessary. I’m here to give  you ladies a few tips on how you can get your perfect fall pictures while including your Florida style! 

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Formula for The Perfect International Travel Outfit

This is my idea of the perfect travel outfit that incorporates the 3 C’s – Cute, comfy, casual. You just have to find what your comfortable in and can imagine sitting comfortably (and most of the time sleeping in) for 10+ hours. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort for fashion – here is the formula for the perfect international travel outfit!

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Rene’s Visa Story

Here is the story of what happened to my boyfriend, René, with his Visa.


Just a little back ground: Rene had lived in the United States for 7 years with his parents. Graduated high school there and was currently attending collage for his AA degree. 


About a 4 months ago my boyfriend went to Germany to get his student visa renewed. When he went to the embassy the clerk told him that whoever had done his visa paper work two years ago didn’t input it into the computer correctly which meant according to their records he had been illegally …

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Favorite Fall Trends

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Unfortunately in my little neck of the woods it’s not exactly Fall… More like Summer pt 2. But oh well, I can still dream and appreciate my Instagram feed full of ladies in chilly climates with gorgeous sweaters and perfect (non-humidity effected) hair. Now while i don’t “technically” have a Fall here in Florida there are still many Fall fashion trends I adore. Below are my favorite trends of the season along with some of my favorite items in each category.

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