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Formula for The Perfect International Travel Outfit

This is my idea of the perfect travel outfit that incorporates the 3 C’s – Cute, comfy, casual. You just have to find what your comfortable in and can imagine sitting comfortably (and most of the time sleeping in) for 10+ hours. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort for fashion – here is the formula for the perfect international travel outfit!

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Rene’s Visa Story

Here is the story of what happened to my boyfriend, RenΓ©, with his Visa.


Just a little back ground: Rene had lived in the United States for 7 years with his parents. Graduated high school there and was currently attending collage for his AA degree.Β 


About a 4 months ago my boyfriend went to Germany to get his student visa renewed. When he went to the embassy the clerk told him that whoever had done his visa paper work two years ago didn’t input it into the computer correctly which meant according to their records he had been illegally …

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The Perfect Day Bag for Exploring

Now one thing for me that is VERY important is the security of my belongings and protecting them from the unpredictable weather. I mean let’s be honest, how annoying is it when you are carrying your once-a-year splurged on leather purse and it starts raining. UGH. (Time to run for shelter and hide that baby like it’s gold!)Β Thankfully, I have stumbled across an amazing brand of bags called Beside-U. Not only are their bags sustainable, adorable, and light as air – but they are also a business founded on charity!

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My International Carry On Must Haves

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase from one of these links I will be compensated; however, all opinions are entirely my own.*


I’ve finally arrived back in the states after my month long trip to Germany. And I must say, as a girl, packing for a trip this long is no easy task. It takes time to tediously pack your luggage to meet the weight requirement but still have all the items you will want/need. One very important packing item is your international carry on. These are all the only things you will have from the time …

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A Day of Solo-Exploration in Frankfurt, Germany

It is a chilly September day here in Germany – I’m talking in the upper 50’s low 60’s. That’s basically freezing for this Florida gal. I am currently here to visit my boyfriend who recently had to move back due to visa issues. He works 3 days a week and I have to find ways to stay entertained – instead of sitting around I’ve chosen to do some solo-explorations and go off by my self. Yes, in the beginning it was a bit terrifying. First I had to brave the German public transportation system and some how make it from my boyfriends hometown (Pfungstadt, Germany) to Frankfurt.

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