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Little Miss Rosie is Born

Hello World! 

These past three months have been an absolute blur. In December of 2016 I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s in General Business. Since then I have been working for my parents pool construction company here in the sunshine state. It can be very fun and challenging at times, working with family, but it is definitely not an experience I would trade for anything.

On top of moving back from college, I’ve moved in with my high school sweetheart of almost five years, and for those of you who live with your significant other you know the “livin’ aint always easy” but its definitely worth it.

Upon graduation I have had a difficult time trying to find my place to fit in as an “adult”. Rent payments, groceries, electric, and my goodness why didn’t any one ever tell me how much it cost just to have a basic internet/cable bill! But that’s okay, these are all things that come with the job of adulting.

As most of you out there reading this, I am a Pinterest addict, and I have learned most of my adult life tips from this amazing little website. (If you’re reading this and don’t know what Pinterest is I highly suggest you “run” to the nearest browser and get one NOW. You’ll thank me later.) The blogs I have found and follow have really impacted my life and saved me hundreds of dollars and headaches!

I’ve always loved to write so I decided to start blogging in a hope to do the same for others. Cheers to the year ahead!

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