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Miami Beach Eatin’ – Numero 28 Pizzeria


If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, then you know a few weeks ago I went to Miami Beach. While we were there we stumbled upon the most DELICIOUS pizza place – Numero 28 Pizzeria. They had an extensive menu with lots of appetizers, Italian dishes, and specialty pizzas. On top of all that wonderful stuff it had the most beautiful layout. Below I’ll give you a little look into the delicious gorgeous place.

Just like the last blog post about Tapas y Tintos, this restaurant was located on Española Way in Miami Beach which is a beautiful street to walk down. It’s also a short walk from Ocean Drive where most of the nightlife action happens.


espanola way miami


The wonderful thing about this restaurant was that even with the delicious food and beautiful scenery, the food wasn’t terribly expensive. (Well for Miami Beach that is.) We had a few delicious appetizers two of those being the fresh bread and prosciutto platter seen below.



For dinner I had a mozzarella and asiago pizza topped with fresh prosciutto. And it was delish’. 

They brought out the pizza and prosciutto separate because if you put the meat on fresh instead of baking it in the oven, it allows the flavors to stay fresher. At first I thought this was a little strange but after eating it I won’t second guess them again! Like I said, totally yum. (If I’m honest the right bottom corner where it’s piled in prosciutto was because I had to cover half a piece of pizza I ate before remembering to take a picture… forgive me – it smelled SO good!)



My friend got the Spaghetti Bolognese seen below. I didn’t get to try it but I’m assuming it was good because there was nothing left on the plate!



For desert my friend ordered something that at first I thought was going to be very strange. It was called a ‘Nutella Pizza Ring’. Before the desert came the waiter came out with plates for the table and we then realized this desert was bigger than we had thought it would be. The desert was actually a Nutella Pizza. And boy was it delicious!! It’s basically warm bread with Nutella on it and yes, it’s as sweet as it sounds. (Now I’m really craving it… guess I’ll have to go back to Miami)


nutella pizza


Below are some pictures of the beautiful restaurant. My favorite part was the sign over the bar.



All in all – this was a beautiful, affordable, DELICIOUS place to eat. If you go to Miami Beach be sure to make time to go to this adorable little place. (Oh… and eat a Nutella pizza for me!)


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