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Miami Beach Eatin’ – Tapas y Tintos




If you’ve read my last blog post then you know this past weekend I went to Miami Beach to enjoy the sun, sand, and champagne. If you are looking for a place to stay checkout my hotel review of the FontaineBleau HERE.
Now I’m going to tell you about one of the deeeelicious places that we ate dinner while in Miami. We decided not to stay at the hotel for dinner as it is much cheaper off site – it’s also fun to walk around and get the true Miami Beach feel. The restaurant we ate at was just a short taxi ride from the hotel, on the most gorgeous street called Española Way.


miami beach espinoza way


Tapas y Tintos


The first night we were in Miami we ate at a tapas restaurant called Tapas y Tintos. It had an amazing Spanish feel which was brought to life by the live band and dancers that performed. They put on a wonderful show which created a fun and relaxed environment. (DISCLAIMER: they will charge $6 per person for this show on your bill… we found this out on the end when there was an extra $24 random charge.) But even though you have to pay on nights there is a performance, I think it adds a lot to the atmosphere.



The service was excellent and everything came out in a timely manner. The first thing we ordered was the Sangria. (Ofcourse, priorities!) It was delicious – sweet, but not too sweet.

We also ordered some tapas to start – a few meat plates, some bread with aioli, and black tiger shrimp that were infused in garlic, olive oil and cayenne pepper. SO YUHM. The shrimp were by far my favorite.

My only complaint is the price… if you’re watching your wallet DON’T order without looking at the menu. One of the meat platters we ordered ended up being $45 and we didn’t realize it till the bill came. (Yikes) Not to mention that for $45, the plate was pretty small. (same size as picture below)


Below is the prosciutto meat platter that was $15.




For our meal we ordered one seafood and one chicken Paella. They let you know upfront that it will be about a 45 minute wait – this is because they make each batch fresh in a cast iron skillet. They were huge, definitely big enough to share between two (even three) people. There were four of us eating so we ordered two paella’s and still had some left over. Here are the before and afters of each.



Tapas y Tintos is a great “night on the town” restaurant but if your looking for a cheap night out – this isn’t the place. It’s high class food and service with a high price tag. (If you are looking for something in the same area but a little more affordable check out my post about Numero 28 Pizzeria HERE.)

All in all it was a delicious and fun meal with excellent entertainment, tapas, and paella. (Oh.. and of course the Sangria)




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