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Miami Beach Livin’ – The Fontaine Bleau


fontaine bleau sunrise pool
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Hola Bonitas! 

This past weekend I went to Miami Beach with my boyfriend’s  family and it was a blast! We got to stay at a beautiful hotel with an amazing pool and a spectacular view – The Fontaine Bleau. There were many things I loved about this hotel – the room, the pool area, the nightlife, and everything in between!  Here’s a little account of my experience at this hotel and, as this can become a very pricey stay, I included a few budget saving tips at the end! 


The Room 



The room was very clean and beautiful with a simple design and an elegant/comfortable feel. I especially loved the floor to ceiling marble bathroom. This was the basic hotel room, but there are many MANY upgraded rooms if you are looking to splurge. (For example their penthouse sweet costs a jaw-dropping $7000 per night. WOW….) Although our room wasn’t an Ocean-view, it was just to sleep and get ready in, so for a quick weekend getaway this was perfect.


Time To Hit The Pool (And Beach)

Something wonderful about this hotel – there are over FIVE different pool areas. And on top of that you have the worlds largest pool another 100 yards away. (Yes, I’m talking about the beach – where they have tons of chairs and umbrellas for you to use!)



fontaine beau beach



miami beach


In the pool area they have a kids pool, a 21+ pool, a private pool with cabanas, and more. There were many cabanas and comfortable seating all around the pool area that were available for rent and tons of lounge chairs (free of course); however, I highly suggest you try to get to the pool early if you expect to get a chair.


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We were there on Easter weekend so it was almost impossible to find a lounge chair – we ended up spending almost the entire day at their Pool Bar/Restaurant La Côte.


La Côte – Pool Side Restaurant/Bar

La Côte was a delicious, relaxing, fun place to just sit by the bar and have drinks or go up on their rooftop restaurant to eat. We did both in the time we were there. When we first got there we enjoyed champagne downstairs while listening to the awesome DJ.



The next day we went up to the rooftop restaurant and enjoyed a delicious relaxing lunch while over looking the ocean. If you stay at this hotel, don’t miss eating up there, the view is INCREDIBLE. And the food is too. (I had a chicken Caesar salad which is in the pic below)



After lunch we headed back down to their bar where they had live music. There was a saxophone player that was playing along with all the song’s that the DJ played giving them a hot new twist. It began to rain which closed the beach down – but that didn’t stop the party! The sax player and DJ got the entire crowd dancing and partying like it was College Spring Break. It was so fun! All in all it was a great environment, the drinks/food was a little pricey but that’s to be expected at a hotel like this.



Night Life

This hotel is actually said to have the #1 nightclub in Miami. I didn’t personally get to go there but you can check it out for your self. It’s called Liv Nightclub and they often have special DJ’s and artists perform. The only down fall is the cover is a bit pricey with a starting price of $45 going anywhere to $100 if they have popular DJ’s. If you are looking for something more affordable try checking out Ocean Drive. There are tons of restaurants, shops, and clubs there that will keep you busy all night. And if you are looking for some delicious places to eat check out my Miami Eatin’ blog post that will be posted within the next week.


Budget Tips

This hotel is definitely NOT for anyone on a really tight budget; however, if you’re looking for an amazing getaway for a “splurge” vacation – this is the one. Beautiful hotel, delicious food, awesome pool, and tons of nightlife… what more could you ask for? If you are wanting to splurge on this trip but still want a few penny saving tips, here’s my advice.

-Bring your own breakfast food. We spent $22 on a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, and one croissant at the hotel café. (Yep, that’s Miami for ya. $22 for 1/4 of a breakfast.) They also have a breakfast buffet that’ll cost you upwards of $30. I don’t know about you but i’d rather save that $30 a person for my Piña Colada. So easy saving hack – just bring your own breakfast food. (Bring bottled water too – they charge about $9 for a bottle of water at the hotel)

– Use a Flask. Now while this may not be endorsed by the hotel, I would bring your own liquor/drinks and make your beverages in the room. The drinks cost upwards of $18 a drink – and while they are delicious – it’s a bit of a bank breaker. So to avoid that –  buy your self a few of these neat Sunscreen flasks and spike your own Daiquiri. (Shh, no one will ever know)

sunscreen flask

-Don’t eat dinner at the hotel. While it’s expensive in general to go out to dinner in Miami, it will cost you way more at the hotel. In fact, EVERYTHING will cost you more at the hotel. So try to make sure you bring what you can so you don’t need to buy anything extra while you’re there. (That includes real sunscreen too, not just the flasks!)


Adiós Miami

In a nutshell, this hotel was amazing. The perfect weekend getaway. We were only there for one full day so we barely got to experience 1/2 of what Miami and The Fontaine Bleau had to offer. I can’t wait till next time!


fontaine blaeu pool


Below you can find the items I feel are “must haves” when poolside in Miami Beach!


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