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A Taste of Miami Swim Week


Hola bonitas!


This Summer has been a whirlwind and I have lots of amazing content coming to you about vacations, lessons learned, etc. I’ve been trying to live in the moment with everything going on and now I’m going to share those moments with you. To start, here is a little recap of my Miami Swim Week Experience. 


To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement – Miami Swim Week is basically a ramp-up for one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year, New York Fashion Week. Immediately upon arriving in South Beach you could tell that high-fashion designer lovin’ ladies were EVERYWHERE. On every street corner I saw girls with fabulous style and a passion for fashion.

The shows we went to were hosted at the equally fabulous W Hotel Miami Beach – check out this adorable outdoor space they had. (Joanna Gaines would be envious) 


the W outdoor space


Of course before attending Miami Swim Week I had heard of the fabulous details, which is why i had to find the perfect outfit. You can see this gorgeous two piece jumpsuit I wore below –  it’s super comfortable and easy to dress up or down – making it a breeze to go from relaxing to the runway.


lilly 2 piece jumpsuit


lilly 2 piece jumpsuit at the W


After getting our media badges my partner and crime, Tiffany from Arrows and Awe (her boyfriend Jose tagged along too), and I attended our first show of the night – Gottex Swim. The suit at the beginning of this post was from Gottex and absolutely gorgeous!


After Gottex, we slipped our way into an event where they had free drinks, goody bags, and tons of like-minded people just looking to talk fashion and have a good time. Even if you don’t have invitations to shows or parties that you wanted to attend don’t let that deter you. Confidence can work wonders – just act like you know where you’re going and chances are people will think you actually do!


Girls just want to have fun at miami swim week


Finally, the reason we came, the Sport’s Illustrated 2018 Collection Fashion Show – this show was absolutely incredible. Sport’s Illustrated has never had their own swim line before which is what made this show the most anticipated one of the week. It was their first reveal of the amazing suits that we’ll be able to get our hands on this next year.

Something I loved about their show is that they had women in all shapes and sizes. Personally, as a business major, this was a great marketing ploy to show that they offer swim wear for women of all body types. I loved SI’s choice of model’s and how much fun the models had during the show.


sports illustrated


sports illustrated fashion show


All in all, attending Miami Swim Week was a blast. It was high-energy, high-fashion, and just plain fun – can’t wait for next year! If you are traveling to Miami any time soon read my other Miami Beach Travel posts HERE




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