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Mother’s Day Gifts That Mom Will Actually Love

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With Mother’s Day approaching in two weeks, it’s time to start looking for the perfect way to say “I Love You Momma”. For all they do for us everyday it’s important to take this one day to do something for them. (Although we SHOULD be doing it year round) This is the one day they get to be told thank you for all they do for us.

Below you can find some things that some real Momma’s told me they actually would want for mother’s day. Hopefully it makes it a little easier to decide what to do for your Mom’s special day.

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links – meaning if you make a purchase from one of these links I will be compensated – however, all opinions are entirely my own*

Quality Time

Of course the #1 thing that a Mom asks for on Mother’s Day is to spend time with her babe’s. That’s an obvious one. So make sure you plan to spend some good quality time with her and maybe plan something for you all to do together as a family to make some memories. Depending on where you live there are plenty of options for memory making memories with Mom. I live in a beach town so of course my recommendation would be a beach day. But if she doesn’t want that there are plenty of other options –  movies, lunch, shopping (for her not you..  I know it’s hard), wine & paint class, or even go the extra mile and cook her lunch/dinner. You know what she loves, so just plan some time out to take her to do just that.


Although Momma’s love time with their babies, sometimes they just need to be left alone to get some R&R.  Doesn’t have to be an entire day, but anything that allows her some time to her self to truly relax.

A few ideas would be a manicure, pedicure, facial, or massage. You know what she likes – get her something that will make her feel refreshed and new. Something that will make her feel like the beautiful woman she is, not just a Momma!

And if you can’t afford to send her to the spa, she’ll still love something simple like Bubble Bath in her favorite scent – this one below looks soooo relaxing! It’s called Deep Steep, comes in three smell good scents, and is only $12.00 included Prime Shipping. (Okay, I might order this one for me…)


This is the most inexpensive thing you can do that will make your Mom sooooo happy. There is nothing better than having a clean house (especially one you didn’t have to clean yourself.) So while buying her something may be the easy way out… take the time and effort to clean up, not only after yourself, but the entire house. And if your looking for something a little easier – one Mom told me she’d LOVE just to get her car washed. Sometimes small simple FREE gestures like this mean the most.


It may seem like something so silly, but Momma’s love the cards they get from their babe’s. Get something sweet and sentimental just to say I love you. (Don’t be afraid to be all gooey, they love that) And wanna go the extra mile? Make a card yourself. Doesn’t matter if you are 3 or 30, she’ll love it!! (If you’re 30 she’d probably love it even more honestly.. haha)

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Looking for a gift to pair with the sentimental stuff? Check out a few ideas the Momma’s gave me below.


SOLAR LIGHTS and Plantable Flowers

One Mom told me that all she really wants is some Solar Lights along side with some new flowers/plants for her garden. So if you have a garden loving Momma this is an idea for you. Flowers you can plant are especially a great idea this time of year because it’s spring and they will last much longer than a bouquet from the grocery store! When my Mom and Dad got married he stopped buying her bouquets of roses and started giving her rose bushes. Now we have tons of rose bushes all around our yard that have been there for years. Here is an idea for solar lights below and you can find the best potted plants at Home Depot or your local hardware store!



The Fitbit is a wonderful little thing. It’s a bracelet that you wear all day every day and it tracks your steps and movement to see how active you are. It’s great because it pushes you to reach walking “goals” and encourages you to stand up and get moving if you’ve been resting to long. This is perfect for the active, or trying to get active, Mom. They come in a variety of designs and colors so you can find the one perfect for her! I got the Fit Bit Flex 2 for my Mom for Christmas and she never takes it off.



The TP-Link Smart Plug is probably one of the most favorite things I own – I have two and I use one for the coffee pot and one for the lamp by my bed. (For the coffee pot I just prepare the night before and set an Alarm. In the morning by the time I wake up the coffee is already brewed and ready to be inhaled.)

A few weeks ago I actually had a friend on Facebook reminding me of another use for these beautiful gadgets. Many ladies out there who straighten/curl their hair daily find them selves constanlty having that same worrying moment that causes them to turn around when their half way to work… “Did I turn the curling iron off?” Well no more do you have to turn back around!! Simply check the Kasa App that this device works with and if the curling iron is still on turn it off with the push of a button. (Now that sounds like stress relief… maybe better than the bubble bath?) There are all different kinds of these babies but the TP-Link is my favorite because of the Kasa App and it’s compatibility with my Amazon Echo… (The MOST favorite thing I own)

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This one is of course a given, but Momma’s always love having something to wear daily that remind them of their babe’s. My go to is always Alex and Ani. Below is a cute bracelet set they released specifically for Mother’s Day. They also have many other choices that would allow you to find the one perfect for her.

alex and ani bracelet


Well hopefully this gives you all a few ideas to help make your Momma’s special day perfect. Let me know if there are any go to gifts or ideas you have for your Mom or you as a Mom would love!

(And if you’re looking for a gift for your Dad, check out my Father’s Day Finds HERE!) 


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