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Style Collective: My First Blogger Meetup

Happy Thursday Ya’ll!


Today I’m sharing something very exciting about my blogging journey. Last week I joined this phenomenal online group called Style Collective. Their mission is to bring together other Blogging Boss Babes to inspire, empower, and support each other – whether it be online by supporting each others posts or in person through meetups and events. After signing up I saw that there was a Blogger Brunch that Saturday in Orlando, FL to celebrate the launch of the founder of Style Collective, Annie Spano’s, Podcast series titled “Becoming Fearless.

becoming fearless podcast


If you haven’t listened to it you should. It’s absolutely amazing and inspiring and everything that Style Collective represents. (Click the photo above to check it out) 

So anyways I decided to attend this blogger brunch in hopes of meeting other like minded individuals that were interested in/understood The Blogger Life. As a blogger it can sometimes get lonely because friends and family don’t really understand what you do or the effort it requires and it’s so amazing to meet people with the same goals and ideas as you!

The brunch was hosted by The Stubborn Mule in downtown Orlando. There was delicious food, beautiful decor set-up by two of the blogger babes, and bottomless $10 Mimosa’s. (Sign me up!)


So with this being my first blogger meet up, I was extremely nervous. (As can be expected…) There were so many random questions racing through my mind about this meet up and I can’t help but laugh at my self now that the day is behind me. I was so nervous but once I stepped into the room with all those other #BossBabes it was like we’d been friends for years.


5 Questions I Asked Myself Before My First Blogger Event

  1. (Obviously #1) What in the world am I going to wear?!?
  2. Are we supposed to hug or shake hands?
  3. Will we have anything in common?
  4. What are we going to talk about for two hours?
  5. Will people look at me different since I’m not really an experienced blogger?

Like I said, now that the event is over I can’t help but laugh at these silly questions that I was so stressed over… but I want to share them in hopes that other bloggers that are in my position will find some comfort! 


What am I going to wear?

I went with a simple royal blue off the shoulder sundress and pink pumps. I felt that it was fun, flirty, bloggerful, and the bright colors made me feel happy and inspired. I also paired it with a pink Michael Kors purse that matched my shoes (not seen in photo) that tied the whole look together. All the girls were dressed in fun fashionable outfits so it was perfect choice! Shop the look HERE.


style collective blogger meetup outfit



Are we supposed to hug or shake hands?

Both. Neither. Whatever. (It really doesn’t matter, just go with the flow!) When meeting the girls I just waited to see what they would do first. (Monkey see, Monkey do) As we all met we shook hands, introduced ourselves, etc. Very professional and comfortable for me as I’m used to it from my 9-5 job where I do a lot of networking. At the end, after two hours of non-stop talking/giggling/story sharing we all couldn’t help but to hug good bye as we parted ways like old friends.


be a stiletto in a room full of flats
                          Photo by Nikki of The Fashionable Accountant


Will we have anything in common?

Oh my gosh ABSOLUTELY!! These blogger girls were just like me, many if them with the same background stories of what led me to blogging in the first place. There was a mix of girls from all different lifestyles, towns, and countries, but we all had one thing in common — we love to blog!

Something amazing we did at the event was go around and talk about what we wanted to be when we were little and how that has (or hasn’t) impacted our blogging journey today. It was so amazing to hear all the women’s stories and what brought them to blogging in the first place! It was a relief to hear that a lot of the doubts they had before starting blogging (or during the beginning) are the same one’s I have now. It’s inspiring to know that it’s totally normal and I just have to keep working hard and pushing through.


What are we going to talk about for two hours?

Anything. Everything. We seriously talked about so many different topics I couldn’t even write them all down. (Like I said, old friends) After hearing all their stories about what brought them to blogging and where it’s lead them, I couldn’t help but feel a connection with each and everyone of them on a personal level. When you get a group of girls together who love to write… chances are they LOVE to talk. (Yes… we definitely love to talk) Two hours easily turned to three and then we were wishing we had more time. The most important thing is to just be yourself and the rest will come naturally. 



                                     Photo by Emily of Fabulously Overdressed



Will they look at me different since I’m not an experienced blogger?

This was a question I was very nervous about. I am a newbie blogger and I had absolutely no idea who any of these amazing blogger babes were. I have only been blogging a few short months and I am still learning about this crazy life. Once everyone told their stories I learned that the women there had been blogging anywhere from a few months (just like me) to ten years!

How crazy? It was amazing seeing that there are women out there just starting their journey like me and then there are women out there who have been blogging for 10 years! (10 Years ago I Was 12 and had pen and paper for my form of communication… crazy) 

To answer the question, 100% NO, absolutely not. No one looked at me differently, no one looked down on me, no one belittled me because I am a new blogger. The new bloggers related to me and the veteran bloggers offered to help me whenever I need advice or direction.

I didn’t let the fact that I was with someone whose been blogging for 10 years discourage me – it’s an amazing thing and I hope that someday I’m the girl in the room with that much experience! It’s an inspiration that this can be a lifetime profession and not just a “flavor of the month” hobby. (Oh and in case you guys are wondering who this amazing experienced blogger babe is her name is Mikaela and you can check her blog out HERE.


Can’t Wait For Next Time

The women I met at the Style Collective brunch are everything that SC is supposed to be. They inspired me, empowered me, and they encouraged me to keep pushing forward. I am so excited that I joined the SC Sisterhood and I can’t wait for the next event!



style collective orlando florida blogger meetup



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