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A Summer Bucket List Sure To Make Your Travel Bug Itch


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Hello beautiful people! 


It’s getting hotter and hotter here in FL. (I mean it’s hot year round but man this summer heat is getting rediculous!) 

But you know what that means? The beach, pool parties, and all things fun in the sun. While I am thankful that “I live where you vacation” I do still like to do a little vacationing of my own. So here are some of the places that are on my summer bucket list.

Some of them I will actually get to check of my bucket list this summer and other’s are Summer Time Dreamin’. But they’re all places that I think would be an A+ trip for the best use of the vacation time you’ve been saving up at work! (Because I know there’s no way you’ve taken a sick day in 6 months, right?)



Summer Bucket List – 2017



St. Maarten, Caribbean 

Oh, St. Maarten. You beautiful little tropical piece of paradise, how I’ve missed you. I was here once when I was 12 and luckily this is one place I will be able to check off my bucket list this summer. For those of you not familiar with St. Maarten –  it is a beautiful island in the Dutch Caribbean with gorgeous beaches and the clearest blue water that you ever did see. Can’t wait to go soak it all in this July!


st martin
Photo from Sol’Hôtel



Saba, Caribbean 

My friend Tiffany, over at Arrows & Awe, recently went to Saba – an island close to St. Maarteen in the Dutch Caribbean. I fell in love with it through the post she wrote about HERE. It just looked so beautiful, intimate, and incredible. While I am visiting St. Maarteen this Summer – I won’t be able to visit Saba… But maybe next Summer! 


Photo from Tiffany at Arrows&Awe



San Juan, Puerto Rico

I have never been to Puerto Rico before but I won’t be able to say that anymore come July! I get to spend a day there while I’m on the cruise this July. (Also when I’ll be going to St. Maarten) I am extremely excited to visit this new place and experience the culture and scenery. I will be visiting San Juan and I saw that there was an excursion where you get to hike through the rain forrest which sounded AWESOME. So I’m hoping we get to do something fun like that. (Don’t worry, don’t worry. I will document all the beauty and share it with all of you)


san juan
Photograph from SPG Resorts




I have been on atleast 20 cruises, no exaggeration, but my favorite cruise I have ever taken was to Alaska. Being from Florida I am used to sunshine and sandy beaches so it was an incredible change to be surrounded by snow and glaciers. If you are going to go this route, make sure your cruise has a day in Glacier Bay. You literally spend the entire day watching the cruise ship drive through miles upon miles of ice glaciers. It’s the most beautiful natural thing I have EVER seen. (Highly Recommended) 


glacier bay alaska Summer Bucket List
Glacier Bay, Alaska



Las Vegas, Nevada

The City that Never Sleeps. Hello Dear friend, you are one wild hell of a place. So if you haven’t heard of Las Vegas… (okay, let’s be real… if you haven’t your living under a rock…) it’s basically the party/gambling capitol of the world. It never sleeps for a reason. From the jaw dropping hotels like the Venetian and Nobu, to the amazing shows, to the countless casino’s, you will never get bored. (Exhausted and definitely hung over…. but certainly not bored) Unfortunately, I won’t be able to check this baby off, but the year isn’t over yet… (hint hint René) 


las vegas
Photograph from VegasInsiderClub.Com



New Orleans

Now for those of you who know me, you know that I love to have a good time. I also love anything that has to do with historical architecture and culture – New Orleans is exactly that! History all day, party all night! I have been here once before for a Bachlorette party but I wasn’t even 21 yet – would love to go again with friends as a legal adult! I won’t be able to check this off this summer but I am hoping to be able to get there some time within the year! It’s the perfect in between trip for someone who wants to enjoy the scenery but not go as wild as Vegas. For a look at some of the beautiful architecture and awesome restaurants in New Orleans go check out a blog post from my friend Nikki over at The Fashionable Accountant HERE.


new orleans
Photograph from Nikki at The Fashionable Accountant



Bimini, Bahamas

While I’ve been to the Bahamas countless times, being it’s in such close proximity to Florida, it never gets old. The water is so amazingly blue and beautiful and the atmosphere is just incredible. Perfect place to go relax with a Piña Colada in your hand or snorkel the gorgeous natural reefs around the country. A beautiful little hidden gem that I have yet to explore is an island called Bimini. It looks just like the Maldives – only it is much closer to me and much less expensive! SCORE. I know people who have gone there and they say it is like Heaven on Earth. Can’t wait to check it out! 


bimini bahamas
Photograph from My Out Islands




While my boyfriend, René, is going to Germany this Summer – I unfortunately am not. He is going to deal with Visa stuff to see if he can get a student visa to live here next year. (For those of you who don’t know, he’s a German citizen here in the states on a visa which is expiring come July… but that’s a whole other story) I had the opportunity to visit Germany a few Summer’s ago with René and I absolutely fell in love.


The culture, the history, the castles,  THE FOOD. Everything is absolutely amazing. And as if that’s not enough, Frankenstein’s Castle is located in his home town of Pfungstadt, Germany. (Yeah you heard me, while the monster may be fake, Dr. Frankenstein and the castle are very real. And I got to visit it!! Crazy.) I could go on for hours talking about Germany (hmm.. sounds like I just thought of another blog post idea) 


But trust me when I say, you absolutely have to go here once in your life. It’s not as hard to get to Europe as you think. You need a little extra time to adjust due to the time change and depending on when you go you can find round trip flights for less than $600. (Yeah, I know sounds like a lot… but trust me – worth it!) Oh, and when you go – be sure to take a trip down the Romantic Road to Neuschwanstein’s Castle seen below (aka Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Disney based her castle after this one) it is absolutely breathtaking. 



Neuschwanstein’s Castle



View from Neuschwanstein’s Castle, Germany




This is just one of those places I have always wanted to go. It is such a beautiful country – rich with culture and stock full of delicious food. This picture says 1000 words. 


Photograph from Pacific World



I hope these places inspire you in the same way they do to me. I can’t wait to get out there and explore this Summer. The Wanderlust has set in and I’m in desperate need of an adventure! 


If you are a Floridian and looking for a cheap/easy/more local adventure – check out my post about the Norwegian Sky Cruise that sails out of Miami HERE


Safe Travels! 



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