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The Norwegian Sky – All Inclusive Cruising


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                   *The Photo Above Is From NCL.COM – I take no Credit*


The Norwegian Sky is one of Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) smaller and older ships; however, don’t let that fool you into thinking there’s not a lot to do. With renovations and top-class cruise directors – there is enough entertainment (and alcohol) to keep you busy the entire trip!


Currently, the Norwegian Sky is a 100% all inclusive cruise that even includes your alcohol. Yep, you heard me right. No more spending $70-80 per day on that pricy Ultimate Beverage Package. It is included in your trip. Not only is this beneficial because it saves you a bit of money (especially if you travel in the off months), but it also makes it easier when ordering a drink. Unless you look like your 16, like I do, they don’t even ask to see or swipe your card when ordering a drink, making it that much quicker to get back to tanning in the hot sun.


I have been on this ship a total of 7 times since 2014 (Yes, actually 7) and I have been on the Norwegian Cruise line a total of 12 times. The Sky is my go-to ship because of it’s close proximity to my hometown. It disembarks from Miami, FL which is only about a 2 hour drive and travels to the Bahamas and back. You can go as either a 3-night cruise (Fri-Mon) or a 4-night cruise (Mon-Friday). This gives you a bit of flexibility in deciding when you want to go and for how long. For me it’s always the perfect weekend getaway.



*The Photo Above Is From NCL.COM – I take no Credit*

While this ship is smaller and doesn’t have as many shops or restaurants, as some other larger sized cruise ships may have, don’t let that deter you. Between a different port each day, the scheduled on board activities, the pool area, and the casino you will have PLENTY to keep you and your family busy.


They also have kids programs, for those of you wanting to make a family friendly vacation, with tons of activities to keep them busy while you take advantage of the “Free” drinks and enjoy the nighttime entertainment. 


The last time I was on this cruise was this past February for Super Bowl Weekend. We weren’t sure if they were going to have any fun activities for it so we didn’t really get our hopes up and boy were we surprised!! The day of the Super Bowl they had tons of activities ranging from face painting, hot dog eating contests, and multiple viewing areas to watch the game. We watched it in the theatre shown below (where the shows are usually performed) on a huge screen with over 200 other football fans.



*The Photo Above Is From NCL.COM – I take no Credit*

Just think of it as the biggest super-bowl party you’ll ever attend. There was a lot of fun and energy being able to watch with all those other fans. They also had a great spread of food in the theme of game-day appetizers. Over all, it was an extremely fun and well put together day.


I was also on this cruise in December of 2015 for my 21st birthday. At this time it wasn’t an open bar concept yet; however, my party and I had free drinks through the casino so it didn’t really matter.


A nice thing about NCL is if you are 18 or older, and on the ship with a parent or legal guardian, they can sign a waiver that you are allowed to drink beer and wine.


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The bartenders will only serve you one drink at a time but it is still nice to be able to relax and “party with the big kids.” When I was under 21 it was always nice to be able to have a glass of wine at dinner or a beer by the pool when I was on vacation.


Anyways, I went on for my birthday with family and friends and We. Had. A. Blast. NCL made sure to make my celebration special and even had TWO small cakes delivered to my room the day of my birthday. At midnight when I turned 21, the DJ at the club came over the loud speaker and wished me Happy Birthday.


It was a very fun celebration and I highly recommend this cruise ship for any type of birthday, spring break, bachelorette party, etc. NCL completely goes above and beyond to make these types of events fun and SAFE.


All in all – this is the perfect cruise if you are looking for something fun, easy, and all inclusive. It is family friendly, party friendly, and couple friendly making it the perfect vacation for any occasion. And I can say that honestly because in the 7 times I have been on this cruise ship it has been with family, friends, and with my boyfriend.


And even though I’ve already been on 7 times, I am sure it certainly won’t be my last. Can’t wait till next time!


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